How to Install PrestaShop 1.7 : The Installation Guide by PrestaDelight

You can install either by one-click installation service provided by your hosting provider or you can install it manually via FTP and MySql.

To install PrestaShop manually manually via FTP and MySql:

Step 1:

Download the latest PrestaShop 1.7 version installation file from here on your pc.


Step 2:

Extract the downloaded .zip file on your pc.

Step 3:

Use FTP to upload the extracted files to the root directory of your server.

Step 4:

Follow your domain URL to start the installation.

Step 5:


Select a language for the installer to use, and then click Next.

Step 6:


Review the license agreement, select the check box, and then click Next.

Step 7:

The Store information page appears, fill that fields with the information for your store. Click Next.


Step 8:


Create a MySQL database and database user for PrestaShop and configure database connection. Click Test your database connection now!

Step 9:

If you receive a Database is connected message, click Next. Complete the installation process


Step 10:

After installation is complete, for security reasons the system will offer you to delete the install directory.


Your PrestaShop installation is complete. Here you will find 2 links, one for the Front-office and another for Back-office Login. If you have any question or you are stuck anywhere, feel free to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help.

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